This fits my mood perfect. And it’s about time I heard something with that voice. It’s been too long, my dear O’Callaghan.

I think I found ….

myself. Not exactly who I will be in 10 years and not exactly what I used to be. I have a part of both sides in me. At this precise moment, they aren’t fighting for dominance either. There’s peace in my heart and music in my ears. I feel like I should. I think I found what I was supposed to.


I’m so nostalgic right now, it’s killing me.

I feel like doing this<3

I feel like doing this<3

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I’m Sorry.

So, I know it’s been a while since you guys have heard from me. I almost thought I wasn’t coming back either. Truth is, I’m a depressed soul by nature and last Sep or so I went through a lot of shit that made things worse. I was pretty much half way checked out.

Truth is, I then met a boy. He’s become my other half within a few short 4 months. He inspires me to be better and to pick up all the things I used to love so much. He pushes me to get off my ass and do something about my mopey mood.

Because of him, I’ve been able to recover. I’ve purchased a new nifty laptop to replace my poor broken one. I’ve been able to save all my files from my said poor broken laptop because my boy is also a computer genius.

Everyone can expect updates on my mibba again, pictures of my five favorite boys, and lyrics from the inspiration playing in my ears once again : ) I promise this time I won’t go anywhere. I’m anchored to the ground finally and I’m never losing that.

With much love and hope, Ember.



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oh please? he&#8217;s so perfect &lt;3

oh please? he’s so perfect <3

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I want him&#160;: )

I want him : )

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